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Vision and Values

Vision and Values

Mission Statement

To develop a school where inspiring leadership and teaching provides a safe and empowering environment which prepares our pupils to be confident, caring citizens.

Our Vision

At Gamesley Primary School:

  • we continually strive to achieve the best progress possible for our pupils, and maintain high expectations and outcomes for all
  • We encourage children to aspire to be the very best that they can be.
  • every child’s potential is recognised and their talents and skills are nurtured
  • an inspiring curriculum empowers our young learners and prepares them for a fulfilling and rewarding future
  • a safe and supportive environment ensures that children develop a sense of determination and perseverance and become confident, independent learners
  • children know that they are valued and respected and develop a strong sense of self-worth and self belief
  • close partnerships with our families ensures that there is a true sense of community with our school firmly at the heart

Our Values

We are proud to share the values of our partner Victorious Trust schools which are to create a learning community which is:

  • Inspiring – Encouraging all to be as creative and motivating as possible;
  • Discovering – Seeking opportunities to expand knowledge and experience;
  • Caring – Providing support and guidance for the whole Trust community;
  • Improving – Striving to better ourselves at all times; and
  • Achieving – Teaching to attain aspirational targets.