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Orchard Class

Orchard Class

Orchard Class Key Information

Teachers: Mrs Katie Andrews and Ms Caroline Sutherland (SENCO)    

Visiting SSSEN (Support Service for Special Educational Needs) Teacher: Mrs Maggie Goley                            

Key workers: Mrs Louise Amesbury, Mrs Joanne Goddard, Mrs Chris Ledwich, Miss Crystal Peterson, Miss Dawn Stevenson, Mrs Carolyn Waude

Orchard Class is a smaller, mixed age class for children with additional needs. Each child follows a bespoke curriculum designed to support their academic progress alongside developing their social and communication, physical, emotional and sensory needs. We follow a key worker system with each keyworker caring for a maximum of two children.

Mrs Andrews is the class teacher and works closely with Ms Sutherland (SENCo) and Mrs Magie Goley (SSSEN Teacher) to plan and deliver a broad and balanced curriculum suited to the children’s needs. 

Our Classroom Environment


Our environment ensures:

  • that children feel emotionally safe.
  • that each activity whether it be child centred or adult focused is planned to support the acquisition of new vocabulary and language- we use many visual aids to support the children’s learning including PECS, Makaton and visual timetables.
  • that the children are given the time and space to process new information and communicate their needs whether it be verbally or non-verbally
  • that the children have lots of FUN learning!

Planning and Teaching

  • Adapted to meet the individual needs of the child taking into account personalised speech and language targets whilst ensuring access to curriculum entitlement. 
  • Liaison with mainstream teachers to support learning.
  • Liaison with speech and language therapists to support learning.
  • Teaching in small groups and one- to-one.
  • Daily opportunities to integrate with mainstream children.
  • Teaching of life skills.
  • Real life experiences- teaching using real objects and trips and visits throughout the year to reinforce learning.


  • Use of visual prompts 
  • Use of Widgit software to create visual/symbol aid to learning and to promote communication skills.
  • Specialist support from SSSEN Teacher.



Take a look at our learning...



What's happening in the Autumn Term?

‘Me and my Community’ is our learning project this term.


This project supports children with settling back into the new rules and routines of school and encourages them to make new friends and feel confident in their class. It teaches children about being helpful, kind and thoughtful both at school and at home. This project also teaches children how they are unique and special, the importance of friendship and how people in their family, school and local community are important and can help them.

This project runs alongside another project- ‘Exploring Autumn.’ Children will learn about the natural changes during the season of Autumn including how the weather changes, why leaves lose their leaves and how wild animals prepare for winter.

Our Makaton signs this term will be basic communication skills- hello, goodbye, please, thank you, toilet, food and drink.

In December, our Year 2 children will perform with their mainstream peers in the school nativity.

Trips this term:

  • Inside Out Forest School 
  • Buxton Opera House- Pantomime

What's happening in the Spring Term?

‘Roots and Fruits’ is our learning project this term.


This project teaches children about being healthy and explores the benefits of exercise, healthy and unhealthy foods and finding out where our food comes from. The children will enjoy fruit and vegetable tasting, making vegetable soup and of course- fruit and vegetable printing! We will also investigate ‘where do seeds come from?’ and ‘are carrots orange?’ 


Our Makaton signs this term will be – banana, apple, orange, pear, pineapple, grapes and strawberry. Keep an eye on our dojo page where I will be posting videos of these signs! 


As part of this project, we will be reading the story ‘Handa’s surprise’ and completing lots of exciting activities based on this including using our senses to explore exotic fruits, investigating how heavy/light a fruit is and completing a whole class story map.

Our trip this term is:

  • Glossop Garden Centre and Pony Patch

What's happening in the Summer Term?

‘What can you see in Summer?’ is our learning project in the summer term. This project explores the sights and smells of summer, the changes that happen in the natural world and things people do during summer.

The children will learn how to stay safe in the summer months, enjoy a role play ice cream shop (as well of tasting real ice cream of course!), enjoy listening to the story ‘Summer is here’ by Heidi Pross Grey and make comparisons of their summer observations compared to the ones in the book.

We will have fun mark making in water, sand and ice and enjoy counting seeds in delicious summer fruits! 

We are also hoping to take the children swimming again during this term.

Our trip this term is:

  • Peak Wildlife Park 

Sensory Exercises

Each morning, the children in Orchard Group complete a sensory circuit. This involves a sequence of physical activities that are designed to alert, organise and calm the child and prepare them for their day ahead. They are a great way to both energise and settle the children so they can focus and engage better in the classroom.

Examples of our sensory exercises:

  • Alert- hop up and down on one foot, spin a hula hoop, skipping on the spot
  • Organise- blow a paper ball to a target, heads, shoulders, knees and toes, yoga
  • Calm- peanut squash, lie still and focus on breathing, push the wall with flat hands

Songs this term

We love singing in our class! Each week we have a ‘song of the week’ which we listen to twice a day- it’s great to hear the children singing along by the end of the week! Our songs this term are:

  • 10 apples on my head- super simple songs
  • Yes, yes, yes vegetables- Cocomelon
  • Do you like broccoli ice cream? – super simple songs 
  • Singing Hands- fruit song