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Term Dates and School Day

Term Dates and School Day

Our school is open for 6.5 hours each day; 32.5 hours each week. The school gates open at 8.40am each morning and we expect all children to be in class and ready to start learning. School finishes at 3.15pm each afternoon.

Our Reception aged children’s day focuses on maths and literacy skills in the mornings with more play based, explorative learning opportunities in the afternoons.

All our other classes classes follow the same core timetable below, although there will be daily adaptations to accommodate brass, swimming and PE lessons.

Year 1 to Year 4 Year 5 and 6
8.45 (Whole school assembly Monday 8.50am)

Basic Skills

 (Whole school assembly Monday 8.50am)



9.15 Literacy and phonics
10.15 Morning Break
10.30 Maths Maths
11.30 Mini Lessons Mini Lessons
12.00 Lunch Break
12.55 Wider Curriculum

(Whole School Assembly Friday 2.30pm)

3.15 End of School Day

In addition to the core school day, we offer term-time wrap around care from 7.30am each morning and up to 6.00pm each afternoon. There are also a number of free after school enrichment clubs which run from 3.15pm to 4.00pm after school.

Please click here to view our Term Dates for September 2023 to July 2024